The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule: Don't believe in anything you read because most probably we don't believe in it either.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Raison d’être of this blog

1.       Just like everyone sitting in the cafés-we-frequent can hear us when we talk and laugh, we want the world to witness our electronic shenanigans.  (Of course we know that you are not interested.)
2.       It is a good way for us to ‘preserve’ our rare instances of revelations. 
3.       To procrastinate.
4.       To increase internet traffic so that more people are frustrated with technology and can gradually move towards giving it up (yes, we know it is circular, but it is easier to destroy something from within it, than from the outside—we learnt that from God.)   
5.       To philosophize—on those rare instances that we like to, just for fun. Though, that does not mean it is not serious.
6.       To celebrate* poetry.
*A previous version of this post said share instead of celebrate.

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  1. Why are you working so hard to increase the noise to signal ratio of the internet? Oh dear ...

  2. I have already answered that in point number 4, my friend.

  3. Wah! Kia bakwas blog he!
    Please elaborate on the rules about posting on this blog. Are we allowed to speak our filthy minds freely and uncensored or do we have to observe the norms of decency as determined by the normal good people of our society?
    Also I recommend using the following blog names by the four of us to make identification easier:
    The K Jew, The M Jew, The T Jew, The A Jew

  4. Kudos on the imagination Bakwasist. This was much awaited.
    To answer K Jew's question, I think we should be allowed to post anything and everything in our minds as long as they are not tasteless. But then we'll have to decide what is taste-full and what is not. Hence, Sab bakwaas hai!!!!

    One more thing, it's nice to see 'something for nothing'. All hail nothingness.

    And I also have a problem with the names K Jew has suggested. These names are very limited.