The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule: Don't believe in anything you read because most probably we don't believe in it either.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Raison d’être 3

15.   To create political theory to amuse some and offend others (this again does not mean that these theories are void of insight or sincerity, it's just that we like to be a little less emotional about what we espouse. Emotions are something we dont generally encourage during debate).
16.   To declare that man is unknowingly a self-contradictory being and to celebrate these contradictions.
17.   To celebrate skepticism (including skepticism about skepticism itself) and belief at the same time.
18.   To celebrate aestheticism: art for the sake of art.
19.   To celebrate the uselessness and meaningless of everything, including this statement.
(To be continued)

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